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A Bermuda wedding is one of elegance, romance and natural beauty. Known for its old world charm, the settings on our island range from gorgeous pink sand beaches, lush gardens, romantic old churches, and exquisite hotels to yachting on our crystal clear waters.

The charming pastel colors of our homes with our trademark white roofs, highlighted by blue sky and lush flora, create a unique charm not felt on many islands. Even though our beautiful paradise is only 22 miles long, there is an abundance of places where couples and their guests can disappear for that special secluded setting.

This intimate quiet island is only 2 hours from many cities on the East Coast. Bermuda offers you and your guests an idyllic experience never to be forgotten. Our little jewel in the sea is the perfect getaway spot for your special day.

Bermuda also has several of its own renowned wedding traditions that are very special. You may enjoy including these as a part of your wedding day. Of course, we welcome your ideas and together we will bring your dreams and visions to life.



Bermudian Traditions


A long-standing Bermudian wedding tradition centers on the wedding cake, or rather... cakes!

The bride’s cake is traditionally a three tiered fruitcake. The cake is silver or white (with silver leaf) in color and represents the fruitfulness, purity and growth of love between the couple.


The groom’s cake is traditionally a one tiered pound cake, adorned with a Bermuda cedar sapling. This cake must be gold or white (with gold leaf) in color, signifying wealth and prosperity in the marriage.



It’s said that newlywed couples who walk through a moongate while holding hands will enjoy a future filled with luck. 


While some old Bermudian masons cite China as the source of these architectural gems, how they came to be part of Bermuda wedding tradition is very much up for debate!



As this was once the only means of transportation, the bride and groom would travel to and from their wedding in a horse drawn carriage. This also makes a fantastic photo opportunity.


Many couples plant a cedar sapling as a way to memorialize their special day. The cedar sapling, often the one used on the groom's cake, represents strength in the marriage as it continues to grow each year, reminding each couple of their union.



Weddings were traditionally held on Thursdays as many Bermudians had the afternoons off, leaving the remainder of the day to celebrate with family and friends.


All the Trimmings is a full-service wedding planning, coordination and event design team of passionate, conscientious and creative individuals. Every event designed and coordinated by All the Trimmings is unique and curated to reflect your personal style. Let us guide you through the multitude of details and decisions that need to be made and we promise to make the planning just as fun as the celebration. We are dedicated to understanding your vision, developing it and exceeding your expectations.

Our Team
Founder - Lead Wedding & Event Planner

Growing up in Bermuda, Katie was no stranger to elegant events and learned at a young age how to host the perfect party and design a stunning tablescape. 

After high school, she went to Halifax, NS to pursue her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a minor in Child and Youth Studies. She returned to Bermuda in 2011 with the intention to utilize her degree, but the hospitality industry caught her attention. It was here that Katie found her true passion in planning weddings.


Her hands-on experience with a number of upscale event planners in Bermuda and overseas led Katie to achieve her certification in wedding and event Planning. Bringing a special blend of fresh new ideas and a family legacy of service excellence to the business, it was no surprise that All the Trimmings was founded by Katie in 2013.

“It had been a dream of mine, from the very moment I was introduced to the wedding industry, to start my own wedding and event planning business. I couldn’t get enough of it! My obsession with details led me to want to provide exceptional service and make everyone’s special events as unique, memorable and as perfect as possible."

It’s Katie’s creativity and attention to detail, combined with her passionate and practical approach to planning, that enables her to manage your expectations and ensure that each event is bespoke and unique to you.

"I will ensure that each and every event is an original, magical occasion. Our service is second to none…exceptional, personal, unique and of course, FUN!"


Wedding & Event Planner

Working for various hotels in Bermuda, Laura began her hospitality career as a teen and then during school breaks while completing her university degrees in Canada. Upon graduating and returning to Bermuda in 2009, she began working full time in the hospitality industry. She gained vast experience from working in the many departments within and found she had a natural talent for planning and design with an especially keen eye for details. 


Today, the combination of her former hospitality background and her passion for her real estate career, has given Laura a detail-oriented approach to customer service and event management. One of Laura’s greatest strengths is time management - an imperative aspect to any event and maintaining a structured timeline to allow for a flawless flow. 


As a born and raised Bermudian, Laura’s extensive local knowledge of the Island and its beautiful properties, allows for personalized, curated experiences like no other.


Laura also enjoys utilizing her creativity to envision color schemes and textures to create beautiful ambiances.

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