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Every bride dreams of a magical wedding day.

We pride ourselves on making that dream a reality.



Trust us with the details.

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Weddings are about choosing people. You pick your spouse-to-be, you pick your closest loved ones to stand up with you as you commit your life to the one you love. You choose the people you want to witness this exchange. These choices are among the most important of your life.

When I️ met Katie, she made it clear that she was the right choice to design our wedding. She picked me up when I️ was down, she talked me off ledges, she laughed with me when I️ couldn’t make simple decisions, she made some of those decisions for me. She fit in with the people I️ chose. She gave me the perfect wedding. The only credit I️ can take is choosing the right people, and she made the rest happen. It was the most beautiful experience of my life, and she put it together. I️ am lucky to have had her as our wedding planner, and luckier still that we became instant friends. To all you future brides out there: choose Katie to be one of your people. You won’t regret it.

Laura - Bride





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